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In the movie "Lincoln'there is much talk of the 13th amendment. This amendment related to slavery. Slavery was an accepted norm in the USA and the church which is supposed to represent truth acquiesced with it. It is inconceivable that good farmers who kept hundreds of blacks as slaves were allowed to do so by the church. Perhaps the parsons forget to lecture them on race and piety in the Sunday sermons which were attend by hordes of white slave owners.
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A local history group has won a coveted award from the Heritage Lottery Fund to support a new project that celebrates the Georgian heritage of Sunderland. Winning this grant is a great achievement for Sunderland because it recognises the richness of the city’s Georgian heritage. The funding will allow us to launch a series of events that will celebrate the history of eighteenth century Sunderland and make it more accessible to local people
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The Japanese operations in the Indian Ocean were conceived after Pearl Harbor . After the attack on Pearl Harbor on 3 Dec 1941, the American Pacific fleet except for the aircraft carriers had been decimated. The carrier task force had returned to Japan for a refit and some much needed rest. However the war council thought it a fit time to operate against the British in SE Asia.
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Nehru was more the philosopher than a statesman and despite this bent of mind he always wanted to be Prime Minister of India and worked in the direction only. He thus precipitated the partition of India and accepted the two nation theory of Jinnah and even prevailed on a reluctant Gandhi to accept partition of India. He also showed poor handling of China and lost 30,000 square miles
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The Battle of Barbourville on September 19, 1861 can be classified as just more than a skirmish, but its importance rests on other factors. Firstly it was one of the opening engagements of the civil war and secondly it was the first victory of the Confederate army.The plan for the battle stemmed from the fact that the Confederate army had received information that the federal army and its sympathisers were organizing and training recruits for the Union army
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The First World War war brought to the fore the role of royalty in battle. This was the period when most countries in Europe were headed by monarchs and royalty reigned supreme. After the end of the war many of the royal families across Europe ceased to exist, like to Russian Tsars and the German dynasty. Tsar Nicholas II of Russia and his entire family were murdered by the Bolsheviks led by Lenin and the Kaiser of Germany was deposed after his defeat.
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I just love facts. I love facts about history, I love facts about animals, I love facts about the human body. You could probably tell me a fact about just about anything and I will certainly be happy that you did. Facts are just snippets of something. Just a small bit of information about someone or something that makes you stop and go, "Hmm I didn't know that." Learning a quick fact about something can sometimes trigger a person to want to know more about something. Often when I hear facts ...
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When we think of the beginnings of the history of the United States you can't help but realize the impact that the state of Massachusetts played in the early days of this country. Here some facts about the state that you should know. It was one of the 13 original colonies of the United States and the home of the Boston Tea party.
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Princess Bambi Dalip Singh was the last of the Ranjit Singh clan.She settled in Lahore in Pakistan where she breathed her last in 1959. She was given a Christian burial and some ministers of the Pakistan government attended. No Pakistani Sikh or Indian was allowed to attend the funeral. Her grave is at Lahore.
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The battle of Tsushima in 1905 is well known. In this battle the entire Russian fleet Admiral Rozhestvesnsky , that had sailed from the Baltic Sea was annihilated by the Imperial navy. Admiral Rozhestvesnsky was tried after the war for cowardice, though he had not surrendered the fleet as he was unconscious.
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Mummies are a fascinating look into worlds past. They have captivated the imagination of school kids the world over, and invaded the nightmares, and TV screens of citizens all around the globe. More than just a relic, mummies have captivated the archeological world since they burst onto the science scene over 300 years ago.
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