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Mustafa Kemal was a general during the First World War. He made a name for himself at Gallipoli and later became a general. His conduct brought him into the limelight. In the war itself his contribution was mediocre and General Allenby had the better of him, but it laid the foundation for his subsequent rise.
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On December 14, 1799, the United States lost it's beloved first president, and founding father, George Washington. While the public mourned the loss of their former leader, a strange and fantastical plan was proposed by one of Washington's close friends, William Thornton. The plan proposed had amazing potential for a future hacker/zombie flick, that would likely draw a wild crowd today.
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Violent strikes have become a lifestyle in South Africa. Although it's normal in a democratic society to find protests, the magnitude of the violence and deaths during strikes is a huge problem. An important aspect of the strikes is that although some workers may be willingly participating in the strikes and actually requiring better working conditions, the violent strikes are mostly planned and instigated by the ruling ANC, in the past called out as a terrorist organisation, who are seizing ...
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On 14 July 2016 during one phase of the Battle of Somme, the Deccan Horse charged the German army near High Wood The cavalry lined up for the charge and mounted the assault on the German lines. This, till today remains one of the legendary exploits of the regiment and is celebrated as an act of great courage against heavy odds.
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Geronimo was an Apache warrior whose exploits read almost like a legend. Between 1858 and 1886 this warrior gave a lesson to the US army in mountain warfare and Guerrilla tactics. Unbelievable he fought of an army of over 3000 soldiers with a band of 36 braves. In the annals of military history there has never been a case of so few soldiers fighting a force 100 times its strength.
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