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Iconoclast divisions of Hindu society into castes were like water tight chambers and there was no seamless integration between the classes. This militated against the principles of war as the only cast that could bear arms was the Kshatriya's. All other castes were forbidden to bear arms on pain of death. This was stringently enforced in the case of the Shudras who were never incorporated as soldiers or taught to bear arms. Thus a large part of Hindu society (almost 30%) was insulated from being...
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In 1773 Baghel Singh collected Sikh force of 40,000 and marched on Delhi. In early 1773 Baghel Singh entered Delhi and captured the Red Fort the seat of Mughal power. The significance of this event in Indian history is not much appreciated as it was the first and only time a Non Muslim had captured the historic Red Fort the symbol of Muslim power in North India
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The place where the Guru was beheaded is now marked by a gurudwara called Sis Ganj. This Gurudwara was constructed in 1783 by a Sikh general Baghel Singh who had occupied Delhi at that time. The gurudwara interchanged hands beteen Muslims and Sikhs till 1930 when in a landmark judgement the Privy Council in London during the Raj, ruled in favor of a Sikh Gurudwara. After this decision, the domes of the gurudwara were plated with gold and are a lovely sight.
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Mecca is home to the holiest shrine of Muslims. However it is distinct from shrines of other religions where access is not restricted. The city of Mecca also spelt as Makkah is however forbidden to non-Muslims. This has remained so ever since the Mohammed captured Mecca after a bloody war. However a few intrepid travellors have visited Mecca and two of the more famous are Guru Nanak and Sir Richard Burton
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October 31st is the spookiest night of the year as it is Hallowe'en when spirits are supposed to roam freely between the mortal and immortal world.But what is the history of Hallowe'en and how many people know there was a special pudding served in olden times.It actually derives from pagan roots and was first mentioned in the 16th Century.
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The Indian navy after independence adopted the British naval strategy and accordingly the naval top brass opted to have aircraft carrier to augment the force level of the Indian Navy. INS Vikrant joined the fleet and was used for the blockade of East Pakistan. The operation was a success and efficacy of an aircraft carrier was proved in Asian operations. China has taken 40 years to match the Indian aircraft carrier. The future promises to be interesting.
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The main attraction of Fatehpur Sikri is the palace of Akbar a large opulent construction. The palace is open to visitors from 10am to 6pm on all days of the week and and is classified by UNESCO as a world Heritage site. The palace is erected on a hill and the road winds upwards towards it. The palace was the abode of 3 favorite queens of Akbar and is so constructed that all 3 queens who were from different faiths could practice their religion in peace and privacy. His 3 queens were Rani Jodha...
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Benjamin Franklin had little schooling ,but went on in life to become known as a writer, inventor, scientist, and leader of the people. Benjamin came from a family that had very little and was happy to live that way. Benjamin came from a family with very little and grew up to be one of the greatest men of history.
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The Indian legion was formed from captured Indian POWs in the North African campaign. These POWs were motivated by Subhas Chandra Bose who was in Germany at that time. The Indian legion fought along with the German army and faced the allies and French resistance in France. They retreated to Germany and tried to enter Switzerland but were captured by the Americans and handed over to the British. The Indian government has never acknowledged that some of its Indian troops sided with Hitler as it wo...
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Subhas Chandra Bose was a towering figure of the Indian freedom movement who opposed mahatma Gandhi. But he fell out with Gandhi and subsequently escaped to Germany and thence to Japan. He launched an armed struggle against the British alongside the Japanese. With the defeat of Japan in August 1945, the world of Bose collapsed. He reportedly boarded a Japanese plane which crashed in Taipei. Bose is supposed to have died in the crash and his ashes are kept at the Renkoji temple in Tokyo. But die...
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Japanese honor their dead during the Second World War at the Yasukuni Shrine which also houses a museum. The shrine also has the ashes of some war criminals and any visit by a Japanese political leader is resented by the countries that suffered at the hands of Japan. The Museum is well maintained though at places it gives a false account of the war and how it started.
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As part of this year's Heritage Open Days, I will be giving a talk on the historic buildings of Sunderland at 11am on Friday 7th September in Sunderland City Library. We'lll explore the best of Sunderland's architecture, from spectacular public buildings, churches and mansions to the more familiar buildings in which the people of Sunderland live and work.
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Seaburn is a suburb of Sunderland in the North East of England. By the 1930s Seaburn had developed into a popular holiday resort, providing much-needed leisure facilities for the town’s hardworking population. Day-trippers and holidaymakers alike were attracted by the lure of scenic beaches, newly-built visitor attractions and the promise of respite from the mines and shipyards in which they laboured during the working week. Seaburn’s heyday as a popular holiday resort came in the ...
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Stalin seized power in 1924 and set about consolidating his rule. This involved crushing all dissent. During this period all the old comrades of Lenin were tried during the great purge of 1937-38 and executed after they all pleaded guilty. The main enemy Trotsky was assassinated in Mexico in 1940 on orders of Stalin and after that Stalin’s hold over Russia was complete.
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The ancient Chinese army was the first to have a codified military law framed. This was during the Warring States period. Chinese military theorists during this period laid down administrative laws to control an army. The purpose was to instill discipline. These laws lasted for centuries and have formed the basis of modern military law.
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