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The science of medicine is an ever growing and changing discipline. Did you know that in the Dark Ages, a medical doctor needed to have a master's degree in religious theology? The two sets of beliefs were not different until very recent history, perhaps the last 500 years or so, if even that. Medical science of the body and remedies we are researching in this day and age is a young science. It was once considered disrespectful to autopsy or dissect a body post-mortem. It was even illegal i...
Published by Amy Russell 64 months ago in History | +14 votes | 2 comments
The blow or pipe gun is an ancient weapon from the Stone Age. It was used by tribals to hunt small animals. The blow gun worked on lung power and was made from a hollow bamboo. It fired darts tipped with poison. The blow pipe was used by tribes for thousands of years. The blow gun can be lethal and is classified as a weapon and many nations have banned it.
Published by Madan G Singh 64 months ago in History | +8 votes | 2 comments
The elephant was the mainstay of the Indian armies for almost 4000 years. The Greeks and Romans were also impressed by the elephant as an instrument of war and incorporated it into their armies. The Greeks made good use of the Indian elephant, but Romans used the now extinct North African elephant. But their use petered out after the end of the Roman empire.
Published by Madan G Singh 64 months ago in History | +10 votes | 6 comments
The seeds of Japanese imperialism lay in its subjugation of Korea. In 1894 the Imperial army invaded Korea which called for help from China. The poorly armed and trained Chinese army was no match for the Imperial army and was decisively defeated. The 1894-95 war is thus water shed in the history of East Asia and marked the rise of Japan as an imperial power.
Published by Madan G Singh 64 months ago in History | +3 votes | 0 comments
The Camel has been used in a Military role in desert conditions since the 15th century. It was also used during World War I and II. In India the camel has been in use for over 600 years. After independence the BSF specially raised a camel corps to patrol the Thar Desert border with Pakistan. Now the days of the camel are getting over as the BSF gets ready to induct the ATV (sand scooter) for its use.
Published by Madan G Singh 64 months ago in History | +9 votes | 1 comments
In earlier times the more developed countries such as U.S.A, U.K and Australia would send buyers to more poverty stricken countries, such as Indonesia, Sri Lanka and small Islands off the coast of Australia. It was here that tea and coffee would bought at prices decided bewtween the buyers. The county of origin whom had harvested the produce were in no place to bargain effectively. Oxfam and other organizations came forward to provide a voice and assistance in this important trade, to make it fa...
Published by Peter Curtis 64 months ago in History | +3 votes | 0 comments
Ranjit Singh ruled the Punjab from 1798-1839. He was a connoisseur of women and horses and had nearly 186 women in his ‘harem’ as well as a stable of over 1000 horses. He went to war against the Afghans to own a horse he coveted in 1830 and earlier he went to war to destroy the Raja of kanga and married his 2 daughters.
Published by Madan G Singh 64 months ago in History | +8 votes | 0 comments
This is a short overview of the resistance in the Nazi operated ghettos of World War 2. This shows the different resistance groups and tactics of the people that decided to resist the Nazi beatings. Many of these attempts were successful and helped many other people, there were also some that weren't so lucky and felt the wrath of the nazis.
Published by Patrick Bernhard 64 months ago in History | +0 votes | 0 comments
On the night of 01 May 2011 a daring operation was launched by US Navy commandos who in a fire fight shot dead Osama Bin Laden. The operation was conducted only by the USA and the Pakistan agencies were not involved. But the fact is the operation was conducted from inside Pakistan itself and the top echelons of the Pakistan leadership like President Zardari knew of the operation.
Published by Madan G Singh 64 months ago in History | +5 votes | 0 comments
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Published by Ioana Moldovan 64 months ago in History | +4 votes | 0 comments
The American Museum of Natural History is one of an educational experience. Visitors of all ages will enjoy the exhibits at the American Museum of Natural History. When visiting the New York City area you might want to put the American Museum of Natural History on your touring list. The American Museum of Natural History has many exhibits that are educational and scientific.
Published by Stacey Gaubatz 64 months ago in History | +1 votes | 0 comments
Everyone is interested in stories of the unexplained. A great ghost story or spontaneous combustion peaks the curiosity of anyone and everyone. There are many of these stories but how much truth is there in them? No one actually knows, but there are a few that have been around a long time. Following are the top ten mysteries of the unexplained.
Published by Debbie Bastien 65 months ago in History | +2 votes | 0 comments
Crafts were simply known as work at one time in history. People created a more comfortable environment for their family, allowing them to stay warm or cool, eat comfortably, sit or stay protected from the elements. It all required creative work to establish and maintain. Crafts today are expensive and sometimes pointless versions of yesterdays true crafts.
Published by Pat Veretto 65 months ago in History | +5 votes | 1 comments
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Death come to us all, it is inevitable and unavoidable ultimately. All we can really hope for is that we make life last for as long as possible before we come to either a 'sticky' end or our body just gives up on us! In the meantime why not read some crazy tidbits of trivia about death.
Published by Alistair Briggs 65 months ago in History | +4 votes | 2 comments
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