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The settlement that grew into the city of Nanjing was one of the earliest to become an established city in what is now the People’s Republic of China. Fu Chai, then the head or lord of the State of Wu was according to legend the founder of a fort at Yecheng in 495 BC; this fort was located close to the centre of the city of Nanjing, the capital of Jiangsu province.
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Many ruins belonging to the ancient Greeks are being excavated in odd parts all over Turkey, Greece, and other surrounding nations. This is because thousands of years ago the ancient Greeks used to rule over all of Asia Minor and constructed scattered temples all throughout the lands. These scattered temples have been lost through time but are finally beginning to resurface.
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The city of Shanghai has a long and varied history long before its emergence as a gateway into the east by European traders during the 19th century. Until that time it was little more than a fishing village and was chosen by the British traders due to the inland port and its accessibility to the open sea.
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The Battle of Little Bighorn in 1876 is important as it is one of the few victories that the Red Indians won against the US army. The Red Indian force led by Sitting Bull attacked the battalions led by General Custer, a war hero and completely annihilated them. It was a glorious victory and Custer paid it with his life.
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The Imperial Navy’s armada led by Admiral Chuichi Naguma split into two at the mouth of the Indian Ocean. One squadron consisting of one aircraft carrier and 6 warships entered the Bay of Bengal and neared the east coast of India. Aircraft from the carrier Ryujo attacked the ports of Visakhapatnam and Kakinada . It was a brief operation and the Japanese Navy went back after a few days on 10 April 1942.
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John Wayne Gacy Jr. was a typical man who after many emotional dilemmas in his life created an alter ego known as ‘Pogo the Clown.’ John, or Pogo the Clown, eventually went on to murder 33 young men and boys in which 26 of their bodies were actually found within John’s home. After serving 14 years on death row however John was finally executed in May of 1994.
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Unlike Mother’s day, Father’s day took much longer to become an officially recognized holiday. This was because Congress was afraid that like many other holidays, Father’s day too was become greatly commercialized and lose its overall message. However, Father’s day was finally passed and recognized as an official holiday after many years of accusations, bills, proposals, and speeches.
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Memorial Day, what is Memorial Day, when is Memorial Day, what are your plans for when is Memorial and what does Memorial Day mean to you an American citizen. Memorial Day is a federal holiday that is celebrated yearly in the month of May on the last Monday in the month.
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Historiography is the study of what has been written about the past, rather than the past events themselves. Historiography grew out of the Post-Modernism movement. Historiography is useful in determining what factors contributing to an event may have been overlooked because of the author's bias. This allows one to be aware of the limit of how useful a single source could be in learning about a subject.
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Chandragupta Maurya was a great Indian warrior king who united the entire India. He loved a Greek princess name Helen who was the daughter of the Greek ruler of Persia and Western India after the death of Alexander the great. In 305BC the two met in battle and Selecus was defeated. Chandragupta offered truce in return for the hand of Helen who he loved. Thus an alliance was cemented and Helen married Chandragupta.
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This article is written in response to a question submitted asking for some facts on the Colosseum in Rome. The question makes reference to the number of articles already submitted giving the facts available, without reading each of those individual articles here is a compilation of facts hopefully not all are repeated elsewhere.
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Robert Hansen was an awkwardly shy child who grew up in a household filled with physical violence and estranged relationships with his parents. While at school he was also made fun of for his stammering as well as his acne until he graduated and joined the National Reserve. However only after a year of service he was discharged and moved to Anchorage, Alaska where he was eventually found guilty for the murder of upwards of 21 women.
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Almost 70 monarchs have ruled England and Britain over a period of 1500 years. Well, British history has been blessed with many capable and charismatic monarchs. The decision as to which king or queen should be accorded the title as the greatest monarch of England has been a widely debated issue and will probably be solved. Nevertheless, the following are most certainly prime candidates for the title.
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Subhas Bose was a leader of the Indian Freedom Movement who fell out with Gandhi and joined the Axis powers. He was handed over the administration of the Andaman Islands which were occupied by Japan in 1942. He was however powerless to stop the Japanese atrocities on the local Indians. In 3 years of Japanese occupation the Andaman islands population declined by 10%. Bose has a lot to answer for this.
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