Historian Says Mengele Continued His Human Experiments In Brazil
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Historian Says Mengele Continued His Human Experiments In Brazil

Medical experimentation of Joseph Mengele, Auschwitz 'Angel of Death' exiled to South America. Mengele experiments may be responsible for twin cluster in Brazil.

For two years Joseph Mengele was known as the Angel of Death. The Nazi war criminal is thought to have escaped to South America after January 1946.

Mengele Experiments on Twins

During these years Mengele carried out a series of experiments on prisoners in the camp at Auschwitz, in the hope of finding out whether the mechanism that produced twin births could be manipulated in order to produce more members of the Aryan race, as directed by Adolf Hitler who wanted a race of Germans with fair hair and blue eyes.

Camarara offers proof on Mengele twin experiments.

Argentinian historian, Jorge Camarara, claims in his book, ‘Mengele: the Angel of Death in South America’, that historical evidence clearly shows that Mengele did not stop this research after Auschwitz, but continued after his self-imposed exile to South America.

Camarara says that in Candido Godi, which a very small town in Brazil, there is a statistically strange cluster of twins. In eighty families, there were found to be thirty eight sets of twins. Twenty percent of births were recorded as twin and although the rate varies between countries, the average rate for twins is about one and a quarter percent. To make these statistics even more intriguing, each of these sets of twins was blonde-haired and blue-eyed.

Inhabitants of this town are mostly German-speaking immigrants and many of them believe that the high incidence of twins in the town is caused by ‘something in the water supply’ and cannot possibly be due only to genetics. Some residents have been so concerned that they use water piped from a natural spring rather than drink from the town’s water supply.

The historian goes on to describe how witnesses had described how Mengele had been back and forth to Candido Godi during the 1960's and presents (so-called) ‘evidence’ that suggests that 'The Angel of Death' succeeded in his experiments and was somehow responsible for the cluster of twins in the area.

Mengele, according to eye witness accounts, had attended pregnant women as a doctor and was known to have stated that he had found a way to genetically engineer cells to induce twin male births in cows. He is said to have provided the women with ‘new’ medicines and preparations and is even suspected of having used artificial insemination on them without their knowledge, to produce twin fair-haired, blue-eyed offspring.

No conclusive proof on Mengele twin experiments.

Geneticists, doctors, biologists and other specialists have tried to uncover the reason for the twin phenomenon in Candido Godi, but the mystery has never been solved.

This is certainly a fascinating, and somewhat horrifying thought. Perhaps Joseph Mengele continued his Auschwitz experiments on animals after his exile to Brazil, and used the town as Candido Godi as a huge living laboratory so that he could transfer his work to humans. Camarara’s book puts forward some interesting historical evidence but unfortunately does not prove his Mengele theory beyond doubt.


Nazi Angel of Death Creates Twins Town

Mystery Endures In Brazilian Town Of Twins

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Comments (4)
Ranked #8 in History

Wow, this is so odd to hear. To think this monster was still doing experiments after the war, and yet, and he was never stopped.

I saw a commercial for a show that the History channel did on this exact topic recently. I remember thinking this was very odd and strange. It has to make you question if he did indeed continue his experiments on unsuspecting people. Very creepy and intriguiging subject at the same time. You have to wonder if this isn't the cause of all the twins being born in that region, then what is?

Ranked #35 in History

wow this is something isn't it what a creep

Ranked #20 in History

It would be interesting to find some documentation one way or other. I can't imagine why any woman would let him treat her if she knew who he was.