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Last answer by Sam Montana 94 months ago +6 votes:
There was no drought and there was no Dust Bowl in California. The affect that the Dust Bowl had on California was that thousands of people who left the Dust Bowl regions of the US went to California. So California had many people with no money and no jobs trying to get into their state. Many of these people were called Okies because they were coming from Oklahoma. California started to stop these... more
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Last answer by Adeel Olander 48 months ago +0 votes:
Hi! I, too, wonder where is the source that shows Indus Civilization had dancing bears. As far as I know, the tradition began only during the middle ages, among the tribal Qalandar who trace their origin to Sufi migrants who arrived with the Mughals from Central Asia. As bear leading is practiced among Siberian tribal groups (even today), the profession is probably of Central Asian, not Indus Vall... more
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Last answer by Larry Page 49 months ago +0 votes:
You can be paid for your articles if you print it using a canon pixma ink refills and sell it to some publishers. You can also make an article for those students who need it and sell it for a good price. You also need a good printer in doing so. more
Last answer by Palmer Wooten 64 months ago +0 votes:
I am a man of faith. I dont always do what iIbelieve God would have me do but I try. Having said that. If a man can call the name of God and invoke His mercies, that man must also be aware of the fact that we are called to emulate God as best we can, and what I believe to be paramount is His unfailing forgiveness, without which we are doomed to sentamentalities such as the great generals. Who by t... more
Last answer by michelle morales 56 months ago +0 votes:
Thank you so much this helped me understand everything my college professor made it complicated. Great answer  more
Last answer by Donata L. 61 months ago +0 votes:
Yes, John Hancock Flag co. does ship internationally worldwide.  However, to find out if the company ships to your country--- first, select your item(s) and proceed to checkout as a guest. You will be directed to page 2, where you will find required billing and shipping information.  Simply, press the “country” tab in the “billing address” section to get the drop-... more
Last answer by Donata L. 61 months ago +0 votes:
Sorry, US does not show that they offer an affiliate program on its website at this time.  However, the company does offer two great programs to its loyal customers that are similar to an affiliate program that you might be interested in. The company offers the “Volume Purchase Program” Volume Purchase Program and “How to Link to Us” How to Link to Us.&nb... more
Last answer by valli sarvani 61 months ago +0 votes:
Yes, Tidmore Flags has an Affiliate Program to earn some extra money with your website. To become an Affiliate, first register with them; then copy and paste the code they provide into your website. With an easy to use interface, you will get notification immediately an order has been approved. more
Last answer by valli sarvani 61 months ago +0 votes:
Yes, John Hancock accepts PayPal. Choose your products and Checkout with PayPal. It leads to your existing PayPal account to continue to make payment with it, or you can create a new PayPal account to pay with your debit or credit card, or Bill Me Later. American Express, Discover Card, Visa and Master Card are accepted by them. more
Last answer by valli sarvani 61 months ago +0 votes:
John Hancock offers a 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee with Free return shipping. That means if you are not satisfied with their products, or any complaint or question about their products contact their customer service representatives for further assistance. They will assist you and try to resolve your problem as soon as possible. more
Would it be too crazy to say that a married woman native from a small town of the state of Montana in 1943 was forced to start working at a factory because her husband has gone to the war? If so, could it be normal that she had kept her job for another 20 or 28 years? And my final question: Do the small towns built before the 40's had a main square, I mean, is it normal? more
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Last answer by Amy Russell 62 months ago +0 votes:
The pope entered into The Concordat of Bologna in 1516.  Under this agreement, The Catholic Church came under direct control of the French crown. more
Last answer by Peter Moll 63 months ago +0 votes:
That article spells his name correctly as Wooley at first, but then mis-spells it as "Worley.". I have just become interested in his family background myself, after seeing on Salt Island 9 unmarked graves of "seamen" from the wreck. One is supposed to contain  Captain Wooley's remains. more
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Last answer by Roberta Baxter 63 months ago +0 votes:
Follow up on your question about the minimum international order you have to purchase on The company finally called me back and recommended you call them regarding what items you wish to order and they said they will work with you. more
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