The History of The Vietnam Memorial Wall-The Three Soldiers-Vietnam Women's Memorial
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The History of The Vietnam Memorial Wall-The Three Soldiers-Vietnam Women's Memorial

Memorial Day is a day of rememberance for all of those who have died, who are missing in war. One of the most known memorials is that of the Vietnam Memorial also known as the Wall. There are other portions which are separate, yet considered to be an extension of the wall, which is the Three Soldiers, and the Vietnam Women's Memorial.

Most of us are familiar with the Vietnam Memorial Wall which is located in Washington, D.C. The designer of the wall is Maya Ying Lin, who is a Chinese American who was born in Ohio, during the year 1959. Still an undergraduate, Maya won an award for her design of the wall. Throughout the process of design and building the wall, Maya Ying Lin, faced much resistance due to her Asian background, although she is a “Born American” of parents who had escaped China only a year prior to her birth.

The names of 58, 261 soldiers who were killed in action, or missing in action are carved into the face of this wall created from two pieces of solid granite measuring 246 feet 9 inches long. The building of the wall was completed in October, 1982 and dedicated to our soldiers on November 13, 1982.

Three Soldiers

The “Three Soldiers Statue”, and the “Women's Vietnam Memorial”, although separate are considered to be a continuation of the Vietnam Memorial Wall. The Three Soldiers, and Maya's design which was met with resistance, the project was then handed to Frederick Hart, who had placed third in the contest which Maya Ying Lin had won for her design of the Vietnam Memorial Wall.

The “Three Soldiers”statue is constructed with bronze. Unveiled in 1984, the statue is that of 3 soldiers that are clearly identified as a White soldier, African American soldier and a Hispanic soldier. The statue is facing the wall in such away, that it reflects the faces of soldiers looking upon the name of their fallen comrades from the Vietnam War.

Vietnam Women's Memorial

The majority of women who were soldiers in the Vietnam War were nurses who took care of the wounded. Each of the women soldiers have a name attached to them, which is “Faith,” “Hope” and “Charity.” The statue consists of three uniformed women, with a wounded soldier. This memorial was created and designed by Glenna Goodacre, and dedication ceremonies took place in 1993. A smaller model of the Vietnam Women's Memorial is located in Angelfire, New Mexico at the Vietnam Women's Memorial Park.

Memorial Plaque

In honor of those brave soldiers, who died from their war injuries after the war was over are remembered by the presence of the Vietnam Memorial Plaque. The plaque, made from a block of granite, 3 feet x 2 feet, was completed and dedicated in 2004.

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A must read!. Very timely article. Excellent presentation. Thanks for sharing