The Horrors of World War Two - Nazi Germany Human Experiments
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The Horrors of World War Two - Nazi Germany Human Experiments

The German Nazis experimented on humans. Most of the people used in these horrifying experiments were prisoners from the concentration camps.

The German Nazis experimented on humans. Most of the people used in these horrifying experiments were prisoners from the concentration camps. The lucky ones died, the unlucky ones were left disfigured or maimed and with serious mental and emotional scarring, that would never truly heal.

The experiments that were done are horrifying and sadistic. It is incomprehensible to a normal person how such acts could be done on another human being, especially a child. Dr. Eduard Wirths was one the most notorious of the German Doctors. He was in charge of the experiments at Auschwitz and other concentration camps. Dr. Aribert Heim is also well known for his cruelty. He was at the Mauthausen concentration camp and conducted experiments similar to Dr. Wirths. Probably the worst was Dr. Josef Mangele. He used children as test subjects. He was nicknamed the “Angel of Death”.

Experiments on children, especially twins, were some of the very worse. Twins were the favourite subjects of Dr. Mangele. He experimented on them to learn the differences and similarities in their genetic code and to see if the human body could be unnaturally manipulated. Dr. Mangele was incredibly cruel. He injected chemicals into the children’s eyes to see if it would change the color of their iris and even went so far as to sew twins together to see if he could make conjoined twins. Out of 1500 set of twins, all children, only 200 survived his abuse.

Other experiments included bone, muscle and nerve transplants. In these experiments, the people were operated on and sections of bone, muscle and nerves were removed without anaesthesia. Most of the subjects suffered horrific mutilation, permanent disability and all suffered intense agony.

There was also freezing experiments, which were used to learn about hypothermia. These studies had the subjects endure a tank of ice-cold water for up to five hours. Those who survived were then experimented on to see what means was best to save a person from hypothermia. Around 100 people died from these experiments.

Around 1000 people were used for the Malaria experiment. The people were injected with Maria and then given different drugs to see which ones worked better at curing the disease. More than half the people died.

The Nazis also experimented with mustard gas. Test subjects were gassed and then various treatments were given to them to see what was the best cure.

Sulphonamide was also experimented with. Sulphonamide is an antibacterial drug. Subjects would be inflicted with battle type injuries and then the wounds be aggravated by forcing wood shavings and glass into them. The Sulphonamide would then be given to see how much it helped.

Experiments with seawater and poison were also common. Subjects were forced to drink only seawater so studies could be done on how it would affect them. Others were poisoned, watched while they died and then autopsied, so the Doctors could learn how the poison affected them.

Sterilization experiments with radiation, iodine and silver nitrate were also done. Many of the test subjects experienced radiation burns, cancer, sever abdominal pain and bleeding from the genitals.

The Nazis also did human experiments with phosphorus material. The people were burned alive with incendiary bombs. Most suffered third degrees burns or death.

High altitude experiments were also done on people. Subjects were put in a low-pressure chamber, which simulated altitudes of up to 66,000 ft. This horrible experiment was done to 200 people, 80 of them died during the test; the other 120 were executed after the experiment was done.

Once World War 2 ended, many of the people responsible for these horrible crimes were held accountable for their actions. During the Nuremberg Trials many Nazi Doctors were found guilty and were either hanged or sentenced to life in prison. Sadly, one of the most notorious Dr. Josef Mangele, the Angel of Death, was never caught and punished for his atrocities.

Germany is the not the only country to do such cruel human testing. Many other countries also carry the shame. Today, human testing still happens, people volunteer to take part in pharmaceutical tests and similar trials. We pray, that all human testing today, is only done on volunteers and is done is such a way that it helps the subject, not hurts them.

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Wow ...truly disgusting what was done. I had read of some of these experiments, most done without any control subjects to compare results to and without any outcome expectation. Just 'do something' and witness the results. It was a true 'blind study' of what-if...

Jonathan Wood

Great post, truly! http;//