The Ultimate True-False American History Challenge - Quiz 2
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The Ultimate True-False American History Challenge - Quiz 2

This is a fun quiz on American History. It is a bit more difficult than your normal American History quizzes, but it contains the same materials.

You may not know as much about American History as you think you know. Take the Quiz 2 here and see if you can score an 80 or better. I’m betting no.

1. The Pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock T F

2. The Mayflower is almost fully preserved in England T F

3. Columbus went to Florida before Ponce De Leon T F

4. The Battle of Bunker Hill happened someplace else T F

5. Americans were taxed far less than people in England T F

6. Poor Richard’s Almanac sold better than the Bible T F

7. After the Revolution, Thomas Paine became rich and famous T F

8. You could drop in and see President Washington anytime T F

9. New Jersey had an armed conflict with New York T F

10. Connecticut conquered almost 1/3 of Pennsylvania T F


1. F- The Pilgrims never landed on Plymouth Rock

2. F – Some of the Mayflower was used to build a barn in England

3. F – Columbus never set foot in North America

4. T – The Battle of Bunker Hill took place at Breed’s Hill

5. T – Americans were taxed FAR less than English citizens.

6. F – The Bible was always the number one seller

7. F - Thomas Paine died drunk and penniless.

8. T – As long as you were properly attired, you could see George anytime

9. F – Never happened

10. T – Actually happened

So how did you do? Did you score an 80 or better? I hoe you did. I would bet against most people getting that score or higher, but that doesn’t mean you don’t know your American History. It just means you might not be familiar with some of the stranger details of American History that are almost never mentioned in the vast majority of American History books. So the next time you read something about American History, be sure to think for a second that there might be more to the people and the events you are reading about (even the fact some people may not have done some of the things mentioned or some of the events did not occur as portrayed in the passages). Good luck and enjoy your American History.

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